Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater

There are so many things going on with this rosewater. All I wanted was a replacement for the Mario Badescu rose spray I’d left at home on a trip once — and after a quick Google search of this $10, 4 fl. oz spritzer, I realized that I was getting a whole lot more than I bargained for. Not only was this alcohol-free, but this included vor-mag water! And… a blessing from a dead propheteer, Edgar Cayce!

This spray only has two ingredients. Vor-mag water, and rose. As I mentioned before, no drying alcohols or sulfates or literally anything else. What is vor-mag water, you ask? According to Heritage Store, it is water that has been “vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that we believe to be more beneficial”. Um… ok. Alright, I’ll spritz some of this on my face.

This smells like a jar of potpourri, which is… fine, as far as fragrances go, but I’m not sure if I like that smell on my face. The mist is super, super fine. It’s refreshing, for two seconds, but evaporates almost immediately and the only residue it leaves behind is honestly sort of sticky. I don’t think it’s clogged up my pores or caused any break outs, but the residue is pretty annoying and it’s not moisturizing at all. I must be immune to the benefits of this “vor-mag” water.

The label also goes on to say that this rosewater is “recommended in the Edgar Cayce Readings”. I had no idea who this guy was, so I did a little research on him. He was a psychic in the late 19th/early 20th century who supposedly predicted the Great Depression, World War II, Atlantis, and the El Nino. Oh, also he wrote a bunch of documents about holistic health and even had his own diet plan, the Cayce diet. Busy guy.

Apparently, the Heritage Company loves this guy so much that they create their products based around what they think he would recommend. Sorry Heritage Company, but this rose water isn’t really the best, and I kind of think that Edward Cayce would probably approve of Mario Badescu’s version instead. ~A

Dropping Edgar Cayce’s name in your phone number is just one way of many to show your true dedication!

Perceived efficacy: 2.5/5

Longevity: 1/5

How much I actually like this product: 2/5

Recommended for sensitive skin: No. I don’t think it will cause break outs, but that residue is just so tacky and gross.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray – Aloe, Herbs, Rosewater

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Rose

I looove this stuff. I’m not sure why. It’s another case of “is it doing anything?”. I don’t know if it is, but it sure makes my face feel better.

I spritz this stuff on after I get out of the shower, or after I wash off my makeup — so, I use it both morning and night. It smells GREAT — like roses, of course, as the label would imply. This isn’t something that I would use in place of a moisturizer, although the aloe certainly does provide some moisturizing aspect, but it does give the skin a little boost prior to putting the next layer on.

The website says something about “dewy radiance” and “boosts … glow”. I mean, of course, you basically just spritzed yourself with water, so of course you’re going to have a glow for a minute or two. But once it absorbs, it doesn’t quite stick around. Sure does feel pretty soothing, though.

I can’t really tell if there’s been any long-term benefit from using it, and unfortunately that rose water smell kind of, wears off after a few minutes. But for a quick boost and the “first layer” after washing your face, this is great, especially at the price point of $5. And since the ingredient list is pretty minimalistic, it has no adverse effect on my skin — no breakouts! I just picked up the cucumber and green tea spray the other day at Ulta, so I’ll see how that one stacks up compared to this.  ~A

Grab this refreshing pick-me-up here: https://amzn.to/2RhFxtV

Perceived efficacy: 4/5

Longevity: n/a (I don’t know if longevity is what this product is going for, really… I mean, it’s basically fancy water)

How much I actually like this product: 4.8/5 (if only that wonderful smell just lasted a liiiiittle longer!)

Recommended for sensitive skin: Yes