ELF Makeup Mist and Set

This is a good case study of “you get what you pay for”. At $4, this is one of the cheapest setting sprays on the market, but doesn’t exactly do anything at all.

This clear, fragrance-free makeup setter comes in a black plastic bottle with a sprayer. The sprayer is inconsistent at best, and shoots out either too much or too little of the product at a time no matter how hard or soft you’re pushing down. Too much will soak your skin too much to apply makeup, too little will defeat the purpose of “holding” the makeup.

I usually apply this after all of my moisturizers are put on, and before applying makeup. I’ve also tried it after my makeup’s been put on, but due to the inconsistency of the sprayer, you run the risk of it spritzing the makeup off altogether.

For maybe the first four hours my foundation seemed to hold tight without any breakthroughs, but when I thought about it, it seemed like that was more likely the longevity of the foundation hold itself. Hour five begins the breakdown of makeup, and breakthrough of makeup. Makeup holds on a little bit better than if you hadn’t spritzed this on, maybe, but not by much.

The reason I picked this up in the first place was because it was alcohol-free, but I’m going to say that alcohol is probably the main driver in why certain setters do work so well, like Ben Nye and Catrice. On the plus side, no alcohol = no breakouts, for me! Still, this ELF product is really more akin to just spraying a water-based toner on your face, without any added benefit. I’d skip it. ~A

Perceived efficacy: 1/5

Longevity: 1/5

How much I actually like this product: 1.5/5

Recommended for sensitive skin: Yes